is this for fricking real?

Yes, it’s real, but it’s missing some context:  Thranduil’s throne is so high and so precariously perched that the crew had placed mattresses on the floor in case Lee fell off. Peter Jackson joked that they would bring him lunch in a few hours, implying that Lee would have to stay up there the whole time. Lee then mimicked having to go to the bathroom, and the camera pulled back to show the whole cast and crew laughing, including Richard.  If I have the chronology right, this was the very first day of shooting for Lee.  From these scenes it’s not hard to understand why Lee made such an impression and got on so well — with everyone! ;-)

Thank you, dear Sunny! Yes, I think everyone on-set fell in love with Lee, including a certain bloke from Leicestershire.

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Characters of Thor (Mythology & Marvel)

good casting is good

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Fucking Legendary

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how do i get this picture of myself tumblr famous

Had to reblog this after I’ve just had a debate with some boys in my college with the issue, and it ended up being taken to a room full of people, where at the end of what I was saying about pro-choice people actually got out their chairs and applauded me. The fact people actually listen to what I had to say for a change on the rights for woman and their bodies, and was actually appreciated, has made me feel wonderful today and as if I actually did something useful with my day :)

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How does this even happen? I’m so confused. This makes no sense.

my people

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"what can you do with an art history degree???"



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so to recap Mrs Hudson

  • ran a drug cartel
  • was a stripper
  • ships johnlock
  • blazes it
  • is my hero
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this cow is so cute


I’m reasonably sure this cutie is a Highland. They are the most adorable cattle in existence. (photo evidence via Google)

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